Dublin Zoo is asking for the public's help in naming a young female snow leopard that arrived at the Zoo earlier this year.

The two-year-old arrived from a zoo in the Czech Republic and has been paired with a seven-year-old male, Kimo, who arrived from a zoo in Germany at the same time as part of the international breeding programme.

Dublin Zoo's Operations Manager, Gerry Creighton, said: "Both snow leopards have settled into their habitat at Dublin Zoo really well.

"The male, Kimo, came to Dublin Zoo with his name but the female needs a name. Snow leopards are found in the mountain ranges of central Asia including the Himalayas, so Dublin Zoo is looking for a name from that region."

To submit your suggestions, and for the chance to win a family pass to Dublin Zoo, visit: www.facebook.com/dublinzoo.

Snow leopards

Snow leopard

Snow leopard