Last year's X Factor winner James Arthur has said he is ashamed of himself for some of the things he has said about other artists in the last year.

Arthur has caused controversy on Twitter by slamming former X Factor stars One Direction and sharing his opinionated views about other artists too.

Speaking to The Sun he said, "I've been an idiot. All I can say is it was ego – foolish, foolish pride. I got ideas above my station and I made mistakes. It's the only excuse I've got."

He continued to say that the negative backlash of his opinions has really upset him, "All my confidence has disappeared because the whole nation thinks I'm a homophobe who looks like a monster.

"I couldn't speak to anyone for a week. It was awful. My little sister was being bullied in school and I was receiving constant death threats. I stayed in bed for days on end. Any time I tried to get up, I couldn't. I felt deep, deep shame about my mistakes since winning the show. I kept thinking, 'What the **** have I done.'"

Arthur got in hot water when he used a homophobic slur against rapper Micky Worthless but he has since seen the error of his ways, "On reflection, it was the most immature, ridiculous thing I've ever done. The word 'queer' was used in the rap which should never have been the case. In society you can't use language like that. I'm 100 million per cent not homophobic. I despise that label being attached to me.

"I probably look like the archetypal bully. Now people look at me as if I might beat up a gay guy. That really upsets me. I totally understand what I did was wrong. If I could take it back, I would do that in a heartbeat."

Arthur's recent behaviour had the current X Factor judging panel split with his former mentor Nicole Scherzinger saying she he still has her support as she 'knows his heart' and Louis Walsh saying that he needed to be more grateful for what he has.