Nicole Scherzinger has said that she supports James Arthur following the controversy over a comment that he made recently involving a homophobic slur. 

Scherzinger said: "I'm just there for him. I don't read the press, I know who he is as a person, I know his heart.

"I'm just there to support him. He's unbelievably talented and he's worked so hard on his album. In the end I know that the cream will always rise to the top."

After a recent performance on The X Factor, Arthur apologised for his behaviour and thanked fans for their continual support and he also thanked the reality TV show for the opportunities that have come his way.

Scherzinger also confirmed that she would return to the UK next year however she didn’t say if she would return to the judging panel of The X Factor, only that she would be there for "music and a lot of new projects".

She added: "In January I plan to finish my album and my focus will be on my music. 

"I'm just living in the moment right now. I've really enjoyed my time here [but] I'm excited to focus on my music next year."