Carey Mulligan was afraid that her face would be damaged when a bar fight broke out in a pub she was working in before filming Pride and Prejudice.

The Great Gatsby star worked in two bars before beginning work on the Jane Austen adaptation and on one of her last nights working in the rougher of the two, a massive bar fight broke out leaving her afraid that her face would be damaged and ruin her acting career.

She explained to Wenn, "I was a barmaid for about nine months before I started acting. There was one [pub] called The Three Pigeons, which was a relatively nice pub, and then there was one called The French Horn, which was less nice... the occasional bottle fight.

"I was just cast in my first-ever movie, Pride and Prejudice, and a week later I was going to quit the job and go and film the movie and there was a huge fight that broke out and people were hitting each other with bottles.

"I thought, 'Not now, I'm just about out of this pub!' I was hiding behind the counter with my hands over my face, going 'Don't touch the face!'"