Jonah Hill got his revenge on Leonardo DiCaprio for hurting him during fight scenes on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street by making him throw up, much to the amusement of Martin Scorsese.

Speaking to Wenn the 21 Jump Street star said, "The thing about Leo is, he's a really great actor, but he plays rough.

"We had fight scenes in the movie where we have to play physical with each other, and he basically beat the crap out of me for six months – and he's bigger than me, so I couldn't really retaliate and cause damage. I was like, 'I have to get this guy back. What do I do?'"

While filming a lunch scene with DiCaprio he figured out how he could get his own back, "In one of the most emotional scenes in the movie, we're eating sushi and in the script he's supposed to say, 'Do you want that last piece?' and I say, 'Yes', and I eat it. When we did the first take, he says, 'Do you want that last piece?' and I go, 'No, you have it.'

"So he had to do 100 takes of eating [sushi] over and over again and I was like, 'This is my revenge right here'. By the end of the night he was on the floor, throwing up into a wastebin and everyone was like, 'Leo, are you ok?' The only two people hysterically laughing were myself and Martin Scorsese, because we have the same sick, twisted sense of humour. But I was like, 'That's what you get, man'."

The Wolf of Wall Street is set for release on January 17, 2014.