Rapper Tinie Tempah has revealed that he not only loves playing in Ireland but that he has a special connection here given that his birth name is Patrick!

In an extract from an interview with Paddy McKenna for 2fm's Weekenders, Tempah said: "In relation to coming over to Ireland I love being in Dublin.

He added: "My name is Patrick man! I'm from Nigeria...where we [also] have a Guinness brewery, so there's a lot of similarities."

Speaking about his new album Demonstration following his Mercury nominated Disc-Overy, he's happy that it is finally finished, although the promotion is a little frantic!

He said: "It's very crazy but it's such a relief as well. I was working on it for about two years I reckon."

McKenna asked him if he was nervous about the reaction to the notoriously difficult second album: "When I made the first album I honestly had no expectation of what anyone thought and I thought that was the magic behind it.

"There was no difference this time around, the record this time around for me, is a little more ambitious, musically.

"So hopefully all those fans I was able to capture off the back of the first album embrace and enjoy this album even more than the first one."

There are a number of artists such as Emile Sandé, John Martin and Dizzee Rascal featured on Demonstration: "Everybody that I worked with, I'm a fan of. There is a genuine connection or relationship.

"I think it's amazing in the sense you can hear Emile Sandé on an album that Big Sean is on or Tom Rowlands from The Chemical Brothers, no one collaboration feels the same."

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