The Wanted's Siva Kaneswaran has announced that the group could release two albums in 2014.

The Dubliner insists that the group, who last week released their much-delayed third album Word Of Mouth, are keen to start working on number four.

"We're straight back to work on the next album in the new year," he told Digital Spy. "This one will be coming out a lot faster. There may even be two albums next year, maybe two. We've recorded so many songs that we really love but didn't fit this album."

Kaneswaren also teased details about their collaboration with Rita Ora, describing it as "one of our best tracks ever."

"It's literally The Wanted and Rita Ora's sounds mashed together," he explained. "It's got a slick, American vibe to it. It's hard to describe, but it's got a huge chorus and I think would have a massive impact.

"I remember when we were recording it in the studio and we were all getting very angry and passionate about it."

On the early sales of Word Of Mouth, Kaneswaren said: "Top ten is great, and all the singles we've released have gone top five, which is amazing.

"We spent a lot time mastering this album and it took us ages to get it out. The fans had to wait ages. We put it back and put it back to the point where we've released it on the busiest week of the year!"