When You Say Nothing At All singer, Ronan Keating, wishes that Boyzone hadn't embarked on their 2011 Brother tour, which commemorated the band's late singer, Stephen Gately.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Keating said: ''It was a weird time, that Brother tour in 2011. I wish we hadn't done it, to be honest. It was my most emotional and the most difficult thing I've ever done in terms of work.''

Fellow bandmate Keith Duffy said the band were in a "dark place" on their last tour, saying: ''It was a painful tour. By the time we came out the other end of it, we were all in a really dark place.

''I was drinking way too much just to numb the pain. By the time it was over it had been going on for so long, and drinking to that extent, for that length of time, left me in a really bad way.

''It took me a long time to get out of it. I had to go to bereavement counselling after that. It really helped to sort my head out. When you say your problems out loud, it all of a sudden becomes easier to deal with. Keeping them locked in doesn't help.''

Boyzone are set to celebrate their 20th anniversary in music with a new album, BZ20.