Natalie Portman admitted that she envies her British co-stars who get to shoot in London as she would love to work close to home.

The Oscar winning actress told BANG Showbiz, “I love working here in London and I’m envious of British actors and British crews because American actors, we end up like gypsies – movie to movie, moving cities every time.

“But you can have such a fulfilling, wonderful, rich career here between the theatre, the TV, and the film all in one place. It’s pretty cool to get to live and work in the same place.”

Portman stars as Jane Foster in the upcoming Thor: The Dark World.

On the Graham Norton Show on Friday night the 32-year-old actress joked about starring opposite Chris Hemsworth, who is very tall, and at 5’3” she joked that her ability to make anyone seem huge was one of the reasons behind her being cast in the film.