A Breaking Bad fan has bought the white underpants worn by Bryan Cranston’s character for $9,900.

The show held a 10-day auction where fans had the opportunity to get their hands on items from the TV series and the auction raised almost $1 million in total.

The underwear worn by Walter White in the pilot episode of the show sold for $9,900 and his inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass went for a whopping $65,500.

The items are currently on display at the Museum of Moving Image in New York and will be shipped to winner on October 27th.

Other items which received high bids include - White's Cadillac which sold for $19,750 (€14,564) and the pink teddy bear earned another $23,250 (€17,145).

All proceeds from the event will benefit the Goodwill of New Mexico programs.