Breaking Bad's Betsy Brandt has admitted that filming the final episodes of the award-winning TV series made her feel sick.

The 36-year-old actress, who plays Walter White's sister-in-law Marie Schrader on the hit show, has opened up about how physically affected she was by the show's final episodes.

Speaking to Access Hollywood Brandt said: "There were days shooting - these last eight episodes especially - I just felt sick. My chest would get all tight and I just felt awful.

"After we'd get a take then I'd just sort of start sobbing because you gotta get it out before you go home," she said.

She also revealed that she thinks the final episode, entitled Felina, is "the perfect ending for this show."

Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston has spoken out about the show's recent win at the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards last weekend. He said: "This is the answer to a wish and a prayer of mine. I have been blessed in the past, and this show has been nominated in the past, but what I wanted is what we finally got."

The final episode of Breaking Bad airs tonight, Sunday September 29, at 9pm in America and will be available shortly after on Netflix in Ireland.