Emmerdale actress Charley Webb has said that love will soon be in the air again for her character Debbie. Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Following her on-off relationship with murderer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power), Debbie's life has been a troubled roller coaster of emotions for the last two years.

However at yesterday's Emmerdale press conference Webb explained that she won't be single for long: "There's always somebody, isn't there? I'm quite excited to see who the next one is, actually. I kind of know but I'm not going to give it away.

"I don't know it fully. I'm very excited. It'll be interesting to see who. Hopefully somebody nice maybe. That'll never happen, but we'll see!"

However she added that she doesn't want things to work out too well for Debbie, laughing, she added: "Being happy's boring!"

Meanwhile Debbie will be at the centre of the dramatic storylines next week when Cameron causes a terrifying hostage situation at The Woolpack.