There's a very dramatic storyline unfolding in Emmerdale next week which will see a lot of people's lives on the line.

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Next week may not be a good time to meet pals in the local, as murderer Cameron Murray goes on the rampage, creating a hostage situation in The Woolpack.

Elizabeth Estensen, who plays landlady Diane Sugden, revealed to Digital Spy what's in store: "So there we are, 12 of us - which sounds like quite a lot of people but actually it's just a few when you look round.

"We are all talking in general, and then suddenly Cameron appears from the cellar in the doorway through to the pub.

"Dominic's [Power] performance is honed - he's developed his character from being a nice man to a psychotic killer. And with him just holding the gun, it was astonishingly frightening to be at the end of a gun barrel."

She added: "...we were all quite frightened. Duncan [Foster] who was directing it painted such a good picture, giving us the right notes before the takes. It really was menacing. I'm sure it will come across that way.

"The fear was so intense that you didn't want anybody to do anything that could possibly provoke him. But in a sense, it ceased to become The Woolpack. It was just an area taken by Cameron wielding a gun.

"So Diane lost a sense of territory actually, because she was just one of the hostages. When you are territorial about something it's because you are used to things happening there, but she was no longer in control."

And that's not all – somebody is going to get shot: "Well, it's a big surprise and a well-loved character…"