X Factor judge and Take That frontman Gary Barlow has insisted that he ''couldn't care less'' if his first solo album in 14 years doesn't sell well.

The 42-year-old releases the new album Since I Saw You Last on November 25th. ''I've got to do this record. I can't go all through my life and never do something by myself again," he told the London Evening Standard. "Lyrically, musically I'm in a good place. I've enjoyed the process and it's got positive feedback as well.

''This is going to sound wrong, but I couldn't care less. I'm not looking to sell ten million albums. I'm 42, my biggest material is when the band [Take That] releases something, and I'm just a fifth of that.

''I want to sell enough records to be able to maybe do another tour, to be able to return to this in five years, to earn back the money we've spent making it. That'll do.''