House star Hugh Laurie's gig onboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California is to be released as a concert movie.

The 54-year-old actor performed on the ship earlier this year in an attempt to recreate a concert staged by Laurie's hero Professor Longhair at a Paul MCCartney party in 1975.

The concert was filmed and now footage has been edited for the actor's first concert to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Speaking to Wenn, Laurie said: "The Queen Mary has been moored at Long Beach since 1967. She crossed the Atlantic a thousand or so times before retiring to serve out her days as a hotel. But there is a bigger reason for its holiness.

"It was on the Queen Mary, at a party hosted by Sir Paul MCCartney (then a humble mister), that the great Professor Longhair recorded the album that changed my life - Professor Longhair Live on the Queen Mary didn't need no fancy title. It is what it is, and changes who it changes."