With his new movie The World's End opening in cinemas this Friday, Nick Frost has told RTÉ TEN that he couldn't pull his punches while filming the fight scenes for the sci-fi pub crawl and had to put two stuntmen on the floor.

Reuniting Frost with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz co-star Simon Pegg and director Edgar Wright, The World's End tells the story of five friends who return to their much-changed hometown and features a pub fight scene which took eight days to film.

In the scene, Frost's character uses two barstools to defend himself, with the actor describing the prosthetics used as "Hulk hands".

Frost said of using Hulk hands on the stuntmen: "It's not like when you're having a fight on camera with someone and you put your fist here and the camera [shot] looks like you've hit them - you can't do that with Hulk hands. You actually have to hit them!

"And so, the first two-three times we did it, you can see that I was pulling it and I wasn't going for it. But then the more and more you do it the more you go for it."

Frost added: "I knocked two men down. But then, they kind of like it; the stuntmen kind of like it. I think they get paid per concussion!"

You can judge Frost's burgeoning action hero credentials when The World's End opens in cinemas on Friday.

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