John Travolta has said that he felt really comfortable playing a woman in musical movie Hairspray and didn't even have to practice walking like a girl for the part.

The 59-year-old old actor explained that he jumped at the chance to be transformed into comedy character Edna Turnblad in the 2007 movie.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Travolta said: ''Women have been so important in my life. I didn't need to ask my wife how to play a woman for my film Hairspray. I'd grown up surrounded by women and had a lot of great memories.

''The women I liked growing up were Sophia Loren, Anita Ekberg, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. They were erotic to me."

"I have the ability to move in a curvaceous way. If you give me breasts and an *** - as I had in Hairspray, with the prosthetics - I can move!''

Travolta further explained that his wife was in awe of his transformation, adding: ''When my wife saw that movie, she cried. She found it moving, touching, sweet and funny. I like well-built women.

''To me, women are too skinny now. I married a voluptuous woman. She might not look it, but she is! Trust me on that.''