Get Outta My Way singer Kylie Minogue has launched a fashion book that commemorates 25 years of fashion throughout her career.

The book, entitled Kylie/Fashion, is part of the singer's celebrations of reaching a quarter century in the music industry and features designers who worked with the singer from Jean Paul Gaultier to John Galliano.

Speaking about the book, 45-year-old Kylie said: "It was lots of fun to look at my life in fashion through the years. There've been ups and downs and fabulous moments and not so fabulous moments, but basically the book was a celebration of 25 years.

"I had to include some moments that were less than stellar because we all make mistakes along the way. Some ideas that we thought were fantastic at that point in time were upon reflection, a big mistake. That's all part of my journey and actually it's what I like about fashion."

Minogue recently signed with Roc Nation and says she’s working with some great producers who she said were on her “wish list.”

Billboard further quote Kylie as saying: “I kind of had to pinch myself and say, ‘This is great.'"