Lord Sugar fired another Apprentice hopeful last night in his search to find a new business partner.

Alex Mills, whose eyebrows have attracted a large following, became the latest to go after he project managed his team Endeavour to a loss in a pre-packed food challenge.

The Welsh company director allowed himself to be persuaded by team member Myles Mordaunt in their choice of ready meal. Alex ran with Mordaunt’s idea for Deadly Dinners aimed at children.

However parents were put off by the dark packaging and the inclusion of a skull in the logo design.

Alex had been championing a geography themed meal called Poppety-ping (which is a Welsh name for a microwave) but went with Myles’ suggestion instead which lost him the task.

Rival team Evolve, led by Neil Clough, won with their fusion food, called Oh My Pow. The dish tasted very bland but somehow they won over the supermarkets they were pitching to with their name and branding.

Speaking after being fired Alex said "I totally agree with Lord Sugar's decision... If I had stuck to my guns I'm fairly sure that we would have won."

Speaking about his famous eyebrows he said "What people fail to grasp is that these are actually the natural shape of my eyebrows.

"Obviously you get the spidery hairs which are ripped off every two weeks or whatever, but no, this is the angle of them. I suppose I can't help it really."