Coronation Street star Chris Fountain has revealed that the show's current storyline is making him broody, although he insists that he has no plans to become a dad in the near future.

The 25-year-old actor's character, Tommy Duckworth, has recently been supporting girlfriend Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) in a challenging pregnancy storyline.

Fountain has admitted that having a baby on set has made him start thinking about when he starts his own family.

Speaking to TV Extra, Chris said: "It's hard but we've only been doing it for a little while. With such a tiny baby, putting all the tubes on when he was in the incubator would be quite stressful, so we tried not to use a real baby as much as we could.

"A baby would get distressed and cry, and we can't film when they're crying. But it's been really great when the little one has been here."

When asked if the surrogate storyline has made him broody, he said: "I think so, yes. You attach yourself to a character in certain ways and I genuinely do feel protective of Tina and Tommy, because it's taken them so long to get to where they are and you forget how young they are to be dealing with this.

"I feel protective of Layton, the baby we've been filming with. I'd definitely like to be a dad some day. Not yet though!"

Coronation Street continues tonight (Monday June 24) on TV3 and UTV.