Following his receipt of an honourary doctorate from UCC, Graham Norton spoke to Miriam O’Callaghan on RTÉ Radio 1 about being single, marriage and his childhood in Cork.

In a very candid interview, when O’Callaghan asked the much-lauded presenter if he was in love, he said: “No, not at the moment.”

The 50-year-old also jokingly invited people to tweet him when she said that someone would be lucky to have him: “If only now, if only now. Tweet me!”

Norton also spoke about his mother’s fear, that as a homosexual man, he would be lonely: “It’s the classic thing and so many of my friends say this, the thing the parents say is that ‘It’s going to be a lonely life’.

"Now obviously things have changed but at that stage it was a life without marriage, it was a life without kids, so I totally get it...She’s got over that now and she sees that I’ve made my own family and that’s a family of friends.”

Speaking about his childhood, he said: “I was born in Dublin but then my father worked in Guinness so we moved around a lot, Kilkenny, Tramore, various places but then they finally set up base in Bandon, Co Cork.

“So that’s where I grew up, all around West Cork and that’s where my mum [Rhoda] and sister [Paula] still are. Now I come back every year for two, two and a half months. I’ve a place in West Cork and it’s incredible to me that I enjoy that so much, it’s my favourite part of the year.

The presenter also shared his delight about being honoured by his alma mater, his father’s passing and his personal relationship with Ireland.

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