Former Bond Girl Gemma Arterton says that she had a “big sister type” relationship with her co-star Saoirse Ronan on the set of new vampire flick Byzantium.

Gemma and Saoirse play an exiled, 200-year-old mother and daughter who are hunted down the ages by a shadowy group called The Brotherhood in the new movie which marks director Neil Jordan’s first foray back into bloodsucking since 1994's Interview With The Vampire.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten about the movie, Arterton said: “Byzantium is all about the mother/daughter relationship. I had a big sister relationship with Saoirse on set. I have a sister and I found myself doing things with her like nonchalantly plaiting Saoirse’s hair in between takes and I’d think `oh no, that’s not my sister!’ But I don’t think she minded.

“It was very natural between us and we were lucky that the chemistry came easy between the two of us otherwise it really wouldn’t have worked.”

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In Jordan’s new film Gemma plays Clara, a vampire prostitute with a heart of ice, and she says she enjoyed the film’s more gory scenes. Well kind of.

“I like doing those scenes but I don’t really like watching them. It’s kind of on the edge of being unrealistic in this film and it’s glorified. One of my favourite scenes in the movie is when I’m bathing in a waterfall of blood. It’s so over the top but that’s right for this particular film.”

Byzantium, which also stars Jonny Lee Miller and Sam Riley, opens in Irish cinemas this Friday, May 31.

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