Tonight (Wednesday) is the night where Ryan Tubridy invites his RTÉ 2fm listeners to join him as he celebrates his 40th birthday in Dublin.

Tubridy spoke to RTÉ TEN ahead of the party, which is happening a little earlier than his actual big day: "It's not quite my birthday. Someone described it as being like the Queen's birthday; you get an official one and a makey-upy one.

"So this is the makey-upy one where we're going to have a bit of fun with our listeners.

"I'll have the official one where I'll disappear with my family and friends and mark it gently, as I jump over the chronological cliff that is my 40th birthday."

Ahead of tonight's celebrations in Dublin's 37 Dawson Street, Tubridy added: "Tonight is just fun and sharing a bit of the messing and shenanigans with the listeners who have turned 40 or will be turning 40 this year."

He's also looking forward to coming face to face with many of his listeners: "I'm like a . . . politician. I think with the listeners you've got to go out and shake every hand, kiss every baby and that's what you have to do.

"For some people that's a chore; I like it."

Damien Farrelly, from 2fm's Early Breakfast show, will play the music tonight before returning to the airwaves tomorrow morning at 6am.

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Check out the pictures and video from tonight's party on The Tubridy website here tomorrow and on The Tubridy Show Facebook page.