Having joked that her experience working with director Fede Alvarez on Evil Dead was "four months of him just torturing me", actress Jane Levy has been explaining to RTÉ TEN just how exhausted she became in bringing the blood and guts shocker to the big screen.

In the reboot of the classic 1981 Sam Raimi horror, Levy gives a standout performance as Mia and went through mayhem, muck, midnight shoots and much, much more to make Alvarez's film as scary as possible.

The Suburgatory star said of the experience: "By the end I was so tired... I remember during the scene in the shed when the machetes are going through, I was so out of it that at one point there was a take where the machete went right across my face and there was no reaction from me!

"I didn't even see it! I don't even know where my brain was at that point! They [the crew] were like, 'Jane? A machete almost hit you in the face and you didn't even react!'"

You can watch Jane Levy's interview with RTÉ TEN's Harry Guerin, and read his review of the movie, by clicking the links on your left.

Jane Levy

You have to say she scrubs up well after a hard night's filming!

As to her family's reaction to the finished film, Levy said: "My dad said it was the best movie ever, which makes no sense – he just loves me! I mean, it could be the best movie ever, but coming from him I doubt that this would be a movie that he would actually go see! I was really proud of my mom; she sat through the whole thing!"