X Factor boss Simon Cowell has promised major changes to every aspect of the show when it returns to ITV this Autumn. The show has suffered significant ratings falls over the past two seasons of the show.

Speaking to the Radio Times Cowell said "The format is ten years old and any format that has lasted that long, you have to change the format because the inevitable result is if you don't [the ratings] will go down.

"Every aspect of the show [will be changed] in some particular way. It will look like a slightly different show to one you have seen before.

"My job is to try and make the show better than it was two or three years ago."

Cowell was also asked if the show exploited the contestants to which he replied "It happens on every show you make."

He added "There is a moment where you feel uncomfortable, but then you look at things with perspective and the truth is, over the years, the show has benefited a lot of people's lives who wouldn't have had an opportunity."