Simon Cowell is reported to be once again on a mission to get Noel Gallagher to sign on to join the X Factor judging panel.

The Sun reports that the ex-Oasis man has been offered a "name your price" deal to join the ailing ITV show.

A source is quoted as saying "Simon is determined to get Noel on board. He sees him as his natural replacement as the real alpha male on the panel. He thinks Noel would be ideal, with his music knowledge, straight-talking and rapier wit."

Gallagher was originally offered a judging spot in 2011 but he was busy working on his High Flying Birds project.

Subsequently he said of the possibility of him joining such a show "I don't want to be on ****ing television. I don't like being on television when I'm playing live. I don't even like being on Jools Holland or any of them programmes.

"I don't like it. It's not for me. So being on TV every week - although it would be undoubtedly brilliant for you to watch it - it would be a waste of my time."