Bressie says that he turned to his mum and his friends when his on-going panic attacks became too much to handle.

Speaking to RTÉ Ten, the Mullingar man says that some of the songs on his new album, Rage and Romance, are about how he dealt with anxiety and he added he doesn't care if people think he's "a big wuss."

"I’ve been quite open about suffering from anxiety for a long time and the new songs and are about how I dealt with it and got through it," says the 6' 6" rocker and judge on The Voice.

“The problem with anxiety is that it’s often irrational. Everything was going so well and it just came along, it doesn’t pick it’s victims and for me it was all consuming. It was something I felt I had a responsibility to talk about because the minute I spoke about it to friends, I couldn’t believe the amount of people who felt the same way. All these people started to come out about it and get rid of this ridiculous stigma that mental health has at the moment."

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Bressie says he learned how to deal with his anxiety levels after talking to his mother, Mandy, and his friends.

"It got to the point where it felt like someone was sitting on my chest 24/7 and nothing could get rid of it and it was really hard to deal with," he says.

“The first thing I did when I started getting symptoms, was speak to my mum and my friends and I learnt how to deal with it. It’s something I’ll probably have forever but I learned how to deal with it.

“It’s very hard to put on the face sometimes when you’re in the public eye. People watch me for an hour-and-a-half on television on a Sunday night and assume they know me inside out.

"I don’t care if people think I’m a big wuss. Those kinds of people are irrelevant to me because they don’t have much of a heart.”