Leading US entertainment publication The Hollywood Reporter has said that Irish actor Chris O'Dowd deserves awards recognition for his performance in the musical comedy The Sapphires.

In a piece entitled "5 Award-Worthy Films From the Junk-Dominated First Months of 2013", The Hollywood Reporter's awards analyst Scott Feinberg says of The Sapphires: "The biggest mystery of 2012, to me, was why [studio] The Weinstein Co. pushed this gem of a film - which received a 10-minute standing ovation after its Cannes premiere, subsequently won numerous festivals' audience awards and became a hit overseas - into 2013.

"[Director] Wayne Blair's first film, a musical-dramedy inspired by real people and events, chronicles the unlikely rise of and travels of an Aboriginal soul group, under the tutelage of a wacky manager (Chris O'Dowd), during the era of the war in Vietnam, which they toured."

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Feinberg continues: "I caught its North American premiere in Telluride [film festival], and absolutely loved it; thanks to the great singing of the young ladies and O'Dowd's hilarious and charisma-dripping perf[ormance] (he was heretofore best known for his work in Bridesmaids), it was the most joyous movie that I saw all year, and it could do some major damage at the next Golden Globes."

Feinberg concludes with: "Add to long-list: O'Dowd for best actor."

The other films he selects as deserving of awards recognition are: Side Effects, Gimme the Loot, The Place Beyond the Pines and The Iceman.