The Help actress Emma Stone has said that her "...natural man voice has finally worked for me!" in her new role in the 3D animation, The Croods.

Stone told Company magazine of the film in which she plays cavegirl Eep Crood: "We've been making it for the last three years.

"The recording was really fun - they have this little camera filming you, and they animate the character according to your movements, so you can really go for it and be a human cartoon.

"I've been a human cartoon since I was born anyway so I might as well animate it. My husky Emma Stone trademark voice remains too. My natural man voice has finally worked for me!"

The actress also spoke about her colour range: "When it's blonde, I wish it was red. And when it's red, I wish it was blonde. I would probably keep it blonde."

Whatever about her gorgeous locks, she hasn't had much luck with tanning: "When I was younger, I'd try really hard to tan (I'm from Arizona, which is really sunny and everyone there is really tanned) so that I wasn't the weirdo pale kid.

"I wanted to be part of the cool group, but I learned pretty early on that all I do is burn. So then I did spray tans, which unfortunately made me look like I had leprosy or I had just dug through mud."