From those celebrated gold lamé hot pants to that sheer white dress, Kylie Minogue has revealed that many of her risqué stage outfits have caused her panic attacks.

The Aussie sex thimble admits she has “endless examples” of wearing get ups that have been forced upon her by stylist William Baker.

“I’ve felt way too exposed or trussed up in the past, half the outfits I can’t breathe in and some of them I have to be cut out of,” she told District MTV, a new fashion/music website.. “I end up having a panic attack and want to get the damn thing off.

“The Julien Macdonald dress I wore for the MTV Awards, where I sang with Robbie Williams, was so racy. I had William and a choreographer – two gays – in the dressing room. They rugby tackled me out the door shouting, “You have to wear that!” They were right. It looked fantastic.’

The 44-year-old said she does ‘rebel and just say no’, adding she occasionally “throws a single Christian Louboutin heel”.