Kylie has said that next year will encompass a lot of recording for her next album, which will be a mixture of personal songs and the singer finding her "inner Ibiza".

Chatting to Yahoo OMG! the singer said that she began dabbling in her next album at the beginning of this year. "I have started work on the next album. Obviously this year has had me focused on other things but when I had a bit of time, actually in January, that long ago, I took my first steps into the studio".

This year the pint-sized popstar has been celebrating her 25th anniversary in music by releasing her Abbey Road Sessions album and going on a worldwide tour of intimate venues.

"But next year will be the time to really get stuck in," Minogue adds. "I love going in with people I know and that I've worked with before. We understand each other. We get in the studio and just take off. I've worked with a couple of new people where we're just starting to get to know each other. I don't know studio-wise where next year will take me."

The 44 year-old singer says she has no plans for retirement and hopes to tour again soon, saying "after every tour I say 'never again'! But it's addictive".

Speaking about the sound of her next album, she explained "I said earlier in the year that I would love the next album to embrace my inner Ibiza but I think most of them do anyway.

"I imagine it will be, as always, a mixture of songs I write and songs that come in that are killer tracks that I want," Minogue added.