Kylie Minogue has spoken about her new film role and said she needed to “stop being Kylie” for the part. The singer makes her return to acting in surreal French film Holy Motors in which she plays air hostess Eva Grace.

The actress was speaking about the role at the UK premiere of the film which took place at London’s Curzon Mayfair cinema last night.

She said: "It's good to be acting again. It terrifies me in a completely different way and I almost had to unlearn things that I just do naturally, as being 'Kylie'. So I think I had extra work to get rid of that and to be believable as this character."

In the film Minogue performs a song, Who Were We, co-written by the director Leos Carax and The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon. Speaking about the performances she said: "It was all done live in the scene. I don't know how many takes we did but it was all done in situ.

"And I had to find my path to go from speaking to bursting into song, which seems quite odd. And not performing that like I would one of my own songs. My voice was more prepared than the rest of me - that's what I do.

"But the first time I heard the song I was welling up. It's such beautiful song, so I think that aided me."

The film opens next week.

Kylie Minogue pictured at the Holy Motors premiere in London