Things got even more complicated for Love/Hate’s Tommy (Killian Scott) in the drama last night after he became involved with Georgina (Eve Macklin), the wife of IRA gang boss Dano played by Jason Barry.

Tommy is already dealing with the fall-out from his girlfriend Siobhan’s rape and the subsequent murder of Dano’s father Git, while also carrying on a doomed relationship with drug addicted prostitute Debbie played by Susan Loughnane.

"The Georgina thing really actually took me by surprise when it happened," Scott told RTÉ TEN on the set of the hugely successful Dublin crime drama adding that it’s a really bad idea for Tommy considering who Dano is.

He continued "in many ways it’s so dysfunctional, all their relationships are dysfunctional, we are all off doing other things as a distraction from actually potentially engaging with our partners."

Speaking about the scene where Darren (Robert Sheehan)apparently risked his life to show up at Siobhan’s birthday party hinting at a possible future storyline between the two he said "Darren is another problem because that one was kind of an unexpected cause of concern, I didn’t see that coming. I have a bad feeling about where that’s going to go."