Adele has revealed that she had a ''breakdown'' when she first got to Malibu's Shangri-La recording studio, because it had previously been used by so many of her musical heroes.

The Someone Like You hitmaker admitted that she was overwhelmed to team up with producer Rick Rubin for her album 21 because the studio they worked in, Shangri-La in Malibu, had previously been used by some of her heroes including Johnny Cash and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Speaking to Q magazine she said: ''The first day I had a breakdown. I lost it and started crying and had to go for a walk on the beach to sort myself out.

''After that, I was fine though I still had the odd moment.

''Between a take, Rick would talk to his engineer and say, 'Remember when we had this problem with Johnny Cash?' Then one day Kid Rock dropped by to do a vocal for something while I was outside having a fag. It all felt like an out-of-body experience.''

Adele also admitted she ''panicked'' when stricken with writer's block on the road at a time she planned to pen the follow-up to her debut album 19 saying: "I always hoped I could write when I was on tour but I couldn't do it.