Westlife star Mark Feehily has admitted the quartet worried that no one would care that they were going their separate ways in 2012.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star, Feehily said: "We were worried about saying we were splitting up.

"But we've just found out that our tour is going to be the biggest tour we've ever done... So thankfully people - well, our fans - care."

However, he said the members of the group are worried about the future.

"It is bittersweet because the reaction has been fantastic but we still have to face the unknown which is scary. We're walking into the dark - we've got no idea what's facing us," he said.

The 31-year-old said he wants to stay in the music business, but fears he'll never be a solo success.

"Ultimately people are going to look at whatever we do as either complete flops or successes," he said.

"You just have to be positive with yourself and try to do something good."