The Killers are suing their former manager, claiming incompetence and double-dealing.

It comes three years after Braden Merrick sued the band for alleged breach of contract.

Though the Killers' suit doesn't specify the amount of damages being sought, a statement from the band obtained by Billboard cites "multi-million-dollar damages in missed concerts and lost touring revenues, and via the bungling of merchandising and promotional opportunities."

The lawsuit alleges various instances of unresponsiveness and ineptitude on Merrick's part, such as failing to obtain the proper touring visas or coordinate promotions and concerts abroad.

The suit also accuses Merrick of working for the band's label, Island Def Jam, as a paid consultant in breach of his managerial contract, without the group's knowledge.

The legal battle began in 2006 when Merrick sued the Killers and their current manager, Robert Reynolds, for at least $16 million each, claiming that the band had fired Merrick without legal justification.

He also claimed they failed to pay him royalties under a producer agreement they had with him, and that their current manager prevented the band from honouring their contracts with Merrick.