'Lost' star Daniel Dae Kim has revealed some of the twists and turns that fans can look forward to in upcoming episodes.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

The Associated Press reports that Kim, who plays Jin in the series, said that the nature and origins of the Smoke Monster would soon be revealed and that the monster was as "old as the island".

He also said that viewers should not expect his character to reunite with wife Sun (Yunjin Kim).

Kim said that Jin's surviving of the explosion and Sun returning to the island did not mean the events were "particularly in the same place or chronologically in the same time".

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Commenting on the atomic bomb in the 'Jughead' episode, Kim said that the makers of the show did not give a plot detail prominence unless it played a part in the mythology of the island.

"That's a huge red herring if it's a red herring," said Kim, who suggested that the bomb may help resolve plot details when the series ends.