Boyband Avenue have been kicked out of 'The X Factor' for breaking the rules of the show by failing to declare that they already had management.

Following much media speculation, the producers of the show have now confirmed that the group were eliminated from the competition.

A statement from producers said: "Contrary to the information that Avenue provided to the production throughout the audition process we have since discovered that the boys had been put together and signed a management contract with a third party both of which they failed to declare."

"It is with regret that we have had to eliminate the group from the remainder of the competition due to this breach of the rules."

Louis Walsh, who was mentoring the group on the show, said: "It was a hard decision to have to make and I've had sleepless nights trying to decide what to do for the best."

"The boys are very talented but they broke the rules so unfortunately they had to go," he said.

Fellow judge Simon Cowell said: "They should have declared their management contract which they didn't. They misled us on their application forms and their contracts."

"It would not have been fair to allow them to continue as they would have deprived another act a chance to sing in the finals."