With today's announcement that over 1.1 million children and their families will benefit from donations raised during the 2021 Late Late Toy Show Appeal grant recipients around the country have been sharing how they will be putting the funds to good use.

Here are just some examples from across Twitter:

The Peter McVerry Trust Learning Centre - Carline works with people aged 12-16 through a high-quality education program for those who have been excluded from mainstream education. The students require intensive educational, emotional and social supports. We deliver these supports through high-quality education programs and we also provide holistic family supports through home visits, school to caregiver support, as well as free on-site face-to-face counselling to care givers/foster parents. We currently do not have a pitch at PMVT Learning Centre - Carline. We feel with the development of an on-site pitch that we would be able to further deliver to the young people we work with and ensure cohesive and holistic amenities and supports are available to them. This new facility would play a key factor in keeping our young people engaged in their individualistic education program, thus allowing them to complete basic education, with the aim to reintegrate them into mainstream education or bring them into further workforce training.

Teen-Turn Community Online is an extracurricular that educates and empowers girls particularly from at-risk marginalised groups including migrant and ethnic minorities by providing learning opportunities that are not only necessary for participation in the digitally transformed society of now but crucial for job acquisition, prosperity, and equality in the future.

The After School sessions are structured to allow participants to choose how they wish to approach activities, collectively deciding upon what instruction they require and identifying what elements should be self-directed. While the Grinds and Groundwork Clubs are participant-led, the latter drawing from person centred and essential lifestyle planning techniques to promote beneficial life skills that extend beyond time with Teen-Turn.

The Community Online project bridges the gap that is the digital divide by bringing access to information, technology and STEM to girls previously left behind by demographics and geography.

Barnardos Wellbeing programme has a primary focus on supporting the positive mental health and wellbeing of children, parents and significant others in their communities. The aim of the service is to empower children and adults to develop wellbeing practices, which will support them to be calm, resilient, present and to have good relationships with others. This comprises a mixture of 4-6 week programmes and one off 1-2 hour wellbeing workshops.

The full list of organisations can be found here