The RTÉ Toy Show Appeal and the Community Foundation Ireland announced today 147 RTÉ Toy Show Appeal grants which were made possible by the generosity of viewers of last November's Late Late Toy Show.

The response once again from Late Late Toy Show viewers to the appeal will help transform the lives of an estimated 1.2 million children, young people and their families, with every county on the island benefitting from grants totalling almost €4million. The fund founded in 2020 has raised over €17.5m for childrens charities across the island of Ireland.

This years grants are being provided under three main areas of support:

Addressing Essential Needs assists those children in every country who face the greatest challenges. Projects include: afterschool care to children at risk of food poverty, improving the lives of children in emergency accommodation (Galway), and the development of specialist resources for children with Down Syndrome.

Health and Wellbeing focuses on supporting children facing living with health challenges or disabilities. In total over €1.9M is being awarded this year to provide health, disability supports, mental wellbeing and therapy services for more than 100,000 children and their families. Grants include funding a developmental trauma interventions for the Irish Foster Care Association, supports for children with a cancer diagnosis (Cavan), therapeutic care services (Kerry) and monthly home care support hours for life limited children (nationwide).

Creativity and Play will bring colour, creativity and fun into young lives all over Ireland, many of whom have faced serious adversity. Examplesinclude: Exploring the World of Languages is a programme which will engage pre-school children (nationwide), the provision of musical instruments for children traumatised by the war in Ukraine (Mallow), the upscaling of a palliative care unit (Cork), and the creation of the first accessible surf centre for children with disability (Donegal).

Republic of Ireland Grants


Irish Foster Care Association To provide a therapeutic programme to children in the care system who have experienced developmental trauma which will support in their development of sensory and motor skills. Co Carlow Nationwide € 40,000.00


Community:Health and Wellbeing Cuan Cancer Social Support To provide therapeutic support to children with a cancer diagnosis or who have a family member with a cancer diagnosis. At a fragile time in their lives, this therapy will help them to unpick and manage their thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. Co Cavan Surrounding Counties € 18,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Shannon Family Resource Centre To expand the resources of the Kool Kids Afterschool Club to satisfy growing demand and challenges due to the war in Ukraine and cost of living crisis. Co Clare € 6,500.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing West Cork Women Against Violence Project To support adolescent survivors of sexual abuse as they process their emotions and improve their wellbeing. Co Cork € 7,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Kinsale Youth Community Centre To extend the After School Homework Club to support 60 children by providing a safe space, a hot meal and to improve education chances. Co Cork € 8,000.

Community: Health and Wellbeing Clonakilty Friends of Asylum Seekers To run local sports programmes and activities for children and teen asylum seekers living in Clonakilty to build community within the Direct Provision Centre improve their wellbeing and resilience. Co Cork € 9,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Love and Care for People To provide musical instruments for asylum seekers and Ukrainian refugees living in Mallow to help build skills and reduce isolation felt in Direct Provision. Co Cork € 10,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing First Cut! Youth Film Festival To run the Intinn programme that allows young people to explore their mental health through the medium of film, with the aim of increasing confidence amongst young people in Co Cork. Co Cork € 15,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Feed Cork - Humanitarian Department of Cork Church Charity To run the After School Fuel programme that delivers healthy meals every weekend to 150 DEIS school children who are at risk of food poverty. Co Cork € 15,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Dogs for the Disabled To train a Canine Assistance Facility Dog to work alongside children with disabilities receiving speech and language therapy, physio, counselling, or education. Co Cork Nationwide € 16,500.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing YANA North Cork Domestic Violence Project CLG To hire a case-worker to work specifically with children who have experienced domestic violence and ensure they have the best chance at thriving in their new environment. Co Cork € 17,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Mahon Family Resource Centre To turn a disused outdoor area into a space for creativity, play and biodiversity for young children, to build wellbeing, friendships and a deep connection with their environment. Co Cork € 18,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Graffiti Theatre Company Raising Our Voices: To empower children in DEIS primary schools and young people with disabilities in Cork through creativity and drama workshops. Co Cork € 18,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Rainbow Club Cork Centre for Autism To run 1:1 personal development respite programme for children and teens with autism who are experiencing educational disadvantage through school exclusion or school refusal. Co Cork € 30,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind To match Community Therapy Dogs with young people who have fallen out of mainstream education as a result of mental and emotional stress related to their disability. Co Cork € 35,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Wellsprings Breaking the Cycle'. To engage children and families with experience of the care system in therapeutic supports. These supports will provide children and teenagers with fun activities and coping strategies as they manage mental health difficulties and neurodiversity. Co Cork € 37,500.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland To provide 13 additional dogs to families with a child with autism, which will enable children to be more socially engaged in society and improve quality of life. Co Cork Nationwide € 39,500.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing CUH Charity Flipping the Classroom on Type 1 Diabetes: To provide online tools and information for children with Type 1 diabetes to reduce the number of hospital visits and empower children to manage their illness. Co Cork Munster € 40,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Laura Lynn Children's Hospice Foundation To upscale Children's Palliative Care Munster Hub to allow for families in Munster to access Laura Lynn's children's expert palliative care. Co Cork Nationwide € 40,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Sensational Kids To run the Therapy Outreach Programme to support more than 200 children with disabilities to engage more fully in their education. Co Cork € 50,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs NASC - The Irish Immigrant Support Centre Cork To continue the New Beginnings project that ensures that the basic and essential needs are met of refugee children arriving in Ireland through family reunification and children of families transitioning out of Direct provision into new homes. Co Cork Southern Region € 56,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Downstrands Family Resource Centre To run a 'Club at The Hub' in Co Donegal for 40 children with additional needs to help build a sense of belonging and to build essential social skills. Co Donegal € 5,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Cara House Family Resource Centre Ltd To provide the Children's Afterschool Active Play Time for 80 children full of physical activities to help manage anxiety and depression. Co Donegal € 6,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Donegal Family Resource Centre To provide essential creative play and sensory equipment, and safe spaces for children and young people in rural Donegal to improve wellbeing, learn about new cultures and to work on homework. Co Donegal € 15,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Donegal Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre To run the 'Creative ReCovery Continued' programme that provides creative arts for teenagers affected by the trauma of sexual violence. Co Donegal Co. Sligo, Co. Leitrim, Co. Derry and Co. Tyron € 18,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Liquid Therapy To grow the work of Liquid Therapy to provide additional surf camps and lessons for more than 500 children facing disadvantage and other challenges. Co Donegal Nationwide € 18,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Spraoi agus Spórt To encourage disadvantaged young people from rural areas in Inishowen in creative activities to enhance their personal development in a safe, fun environment. Co Donegal € 38,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Cancer Fund for Children To provide community based social and emotional support to children and young people diagnosed with cancer and their families through short respite breaks at the Daisy Lodge therapeutic centre. Co Donegal Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, Longford and Meath € 55,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing CanTeen Ireland To fund residential weekends away and online workshops for more than 50 children and young people across Ireland fighting cancer. Co Dublin Nationwide € 10,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Rainbows Ireland To develop early intervention programmes to be inclusive of children and young people with a disability or diverse needs, to help them manage when they are impacted by death in the family or parental separation/divorce. Co Dublin Nationwide € 15,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Oscar's Kids Ireland To provide Magic Moments (bespoke gifts and experiences) for children across Ireland living with cancer such as visits to the Zoo, a PlayStation, or a visit from Bluey. Co Dublin Nationwide € 15,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Anne Sullivan Foundation To provide an Active Learning Space and Equipment Library to provide children who are deafblind with opportunities to develop communication and fine motor skills. Co Dublin Nationwide € 17,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing AdVIC Advocates for Victims of Homicide To provide psychological counselling to children who have suffered trauma or grief following homicide of a loved one. Co Dublin Nationwide € 17,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Kids' Own Publishing Partnership To provide space for 20 children with a family member in prison to come together to work alongside a Kids' Own artist & writer to create a collaborative book about their lives and their experiences. Co Dublin Nationwide € 18,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing ChildVision Defining Disability Differently - To enhance the innovative Equine Assisted Therapy programme for children with sight loss, complex needs and neurodiversity to encourage motor skills and self-confidence. Co Dublin Leinster € 40,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Dublin Simon Community To establish an Emergency Children's Fund to provide items for families facing homelessness that meet children’s needs and minimize the longterm effect of homelessness on their development and health. Co Dublin Leinster € 40,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Acquired Brain Injury Ireland To run the 'On with Life Paediatric project, which is designed to support children and their families with care and advice after the uncertainty and fear of a child acquiring a brain injury. Co Dublin Nationwide € 50,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Crosscare To reduce food poverty experienced by children and their families in Ireland by providing food, but also therapeutic supports to empower families in the long term. Co Dublin € 50,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Down Syndrome Ireland To ensure that every child with Down syndrome aged 0-5 will receive high quality early intervention support and advice via a suite of online resources to enable them to thrive. Co Dublin Nationwide € 50,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing ECO-UNESCO To engage marginalised young people in the ECO-Choices health and wellbeing programme, so they can engage in environmental action and improve their mental health, confidence, understanding of self, social skills and healthy lifestyle. Co Dublin Nationwide € 50,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs The Down Syndrome Centre To run the Early Intervention Occupational Therapy Programme for 200 children with Down syndrome to support them to develop motor and sensory skills. Co Dublin Nationwide € 52,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Clanwilliam Institute To provide specialist parenting programmes to support families with vulnerable children living with additional needs such as autism, OCD and child-parent aggression. Co Dublin € 55,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Mercy Law Resource Centre To set up a free legal advice clinic for children and families who are homeless to ensure they can get housing as soon as possible. Dublin € 16,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Hygiene Hub To work with charities, companies and volunteers to provide hygiene products to children and families across Ireland who are facing hygiene poverty and unable to afford the products themselves. Dublin 1 Cork, Kildare, Donegal, Galway, Tipperary, and Wicklow € 15,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Youth Work Ireland To provide the Be Well anxiety education programme to students in DEIS schools to young people. The programme will allow students to positively manage stress, worry and anxiety as they face pressures of the modern day. Dublin 1 Nationwide € 17,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Pieta House To provide new play therapy resources for more than 2000 teenagers dealing with thoughts of suicide and self-harm. Dublin 1 Nationwide € 35,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing FamiliBase To provide family trauma therapy that will help children to overcome Adverse Childhood Experiences by reducing symptoms and learning coping mechanisms, allowing them to engage well with their friends and teachers at school. Dublin 10 € 29,500.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Cherry Orchard Equine Centre CLG - Integrated Youth Service To develop a vibrant new arts programme that will address the range of challenges faced by vulnerable young people in disadvantaged Cherry Orchard. Dublin 10 € 50,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Cappagh Hospital Foundation To create an interactive app that will educate, resource and empower teen patients of Cappagh Kids paediatric orthopaedic department living with musculoskeletal conditions. Dublin 11 Nationwide € 18,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing BEST (Ballymun Educational Support Team) To provide therapeutic support to children who have experienced trauma in their lives, empowering them to manage their emotions and to make positive life choices. Dublin 11 € 18,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Ballymun Regional Youth Resource To create a safe space in Ballymun, where over 500 children and young people will come together, join in activities, explore their interests and freely express themselves. Dublin 11 € 44,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Walkinstown Greenhills Resource Centre To provide therapy and other families supports to more than 70 young people facing mental health difficulties such as anxiety and stress and those managing bereavement, anger or phobias. Dublin 12 € 11,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Children in Hospital Ireland To create a new digital Child and Youth Health Hub to help children across Ireland and their parents to properly prepare for hospital operations. This will reduce anxiety and stress as children prepare for their clinical procedures. Dublin 12 Nationwide € 17,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Epilepsy Ireland To improve the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of 100 children with epilepsy experiencing challenges as a result of their chronic health condition through unique, tailored supports and programmes. Dublin 12 Nationwide € 26,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Ronald McDonald House Charities Ireland To run the 'We've Got You' Wellness Programme for families staying in Ronald McDonald accommodation to encourage family closeness and wellbeing during a very difficult time. Dublin 12 Nationwide € 38,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Children's Health Foundation To grow the Play Department at Crumlin Hospital which will provide fun relief and respite for children who are anxious about their hospital procedures. Dublin 12 Nationwide € 50,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Coolmine Therapeutic Community To develop the Sensory Forest Garden and to incorporate a new art therapy program for children with parents struggling with addiction. This will enable some of Ireland's most vulnerable children to access high quality play spaces to help with wellbeing and personal development. Dublin 15 Nationwide € 32,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Community Law & Mediation To engage children, their families and charities in research on the unmet legal need of children, particularly from marginalised groups, and to provide legal advice and education to young people on their rights. Dublin 17 Nationwide € 27,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Doras Buí - A Parents alone resource centre To provide Occupational Therapy Services for single parents and their children to improve family cohesion and their general quality of life. Dublin 17 € 58,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing The Heart of Variety Ireland Cycling Without Borders- to provide special mobility bikes for children with disabilities in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which brings freedom through movement for those who may not be able to do so independently. Dublin 2 Nationwide € 13,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing St Andrews Family Resource Centre To provide early intervention wrap around supports for children with autism, ADHD and other forms of neurodiversity. Dublin 2 € 28,000.00 I

mpact: Health and Wellbeing Jigsaw - The National Centre for Youth Mental Health Jigsaw Connect: To develop an online mental health system that provides personalised and effective care to young people in with poor mental health. Jigsaw aims to support all young people facing mental health issues with this innovative online programme. Dublin 2 Nationwide € 40,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Belong To LGBTQ+ Youth Ireland To create a Children and Family Support Service to provide LGBTQ+ young people and their families access to supports for their health and wellbeing. Dublin 2 Nationwide € 58,000.00 Community: Addressing Essential Needs Quarryvale Resource Centre To run 'Clondalkin Cares' Food Bank - supporting over 100 families experiencing food poverty with nutritious food in the cost-of-living crisis. Dublin 22 € 17,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Early Childhood Ireland "This is me: Exploring our World of Languages" (OWL 2): Transforming the early years of children across Ireland through the use of play and arts-based multilingual programmes that aim to reduce discrimination. Dublin 24 Nationwide € 50,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Citywise Education Citywise Bridge To College: To run a less formal educational programme for Transition Year students in low socio-economic areas that inspires and provides the tools to support young people in accessing third level education. Dublin 24 € 55,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs DePaul Ireland To upscale the Child Support Worker project that works with children in homelessness to address their needs such as food, clothing, shelter or medical care. Dublin 3 Nationwide € 40,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Aware To support the Life Skills for Schools programmes in DEIS schools that will build resilience among young people and teaching them to manage their mental health. Dublin 4 Nationwide € 50,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Tús Nua Artane Coolock Family Resource Centre To deliver essential training to 200 parents of children with autism in order to give them the best chance in their education journey. Dublin 5 € 7,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Irish Cancer Society To provide play therapy that will increase the wellbeing and resilience of 800 children and young people facing cancer. Dublin 6 Nationwide € 26,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing FirstLight To run a Therapeutic Bereavement Sensory Workshop with 30 children across Ireland to support them through grief. Dublin 7 Nationwide € 4,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs School Completion Programme To provide structured, stimulating and engaging activities for young people in Inner City Dublin to reduce social isolation that might be felt over the summer holidays. Dublin 7 € 13,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Focus Ireland To increase the number of Child Support Workers to allow for 1 to 1 support for young people who are homeless. And to refurbish Focus' spaces to allow for more children to access vital support services in the Family Centre. Dublin 7 Kildare € 40,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Arc Cancer Support To improve health, wellbeing and resilience of more than 200 children and adolescents with cancer, parents with cancer, and their siblings through therapeutic programmes that aim to minimise the long-term effects of such a serious health issue. Dublin 7 Nationwide € 58,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing First Fortnight To offer creative therapy services free of charge to children experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness, which will empower children by building capacity and resilience. Dublin 7 Greater Dublin € 60,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Shannon's Hopeline To provide low-cost counselling sessions to 100 young people over a 12- month period and to provide additional care and attention to the children pre and post counselling. Dublin 8 Greater Dublin € 18,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Fatima Groups United To strengthen and improve wellbeing and resilience of 200 children and their families by providing child led therapeutic supports individually and in groups. Dublin 8 Greater Dublin € 28,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs City of Dublin YMCA To run the Alternative Suspension programme that helps young people to realise better educational outcomes by giving students the opportunity to transform their time away from school into a positive experience that fosters personal development and self-confidence. Dublin 8 € 60,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Venture Out Wilderness Project CLG To provide 1 to 1 support services that help young people manage and overcome the challenges of growing up by engaging in a range of fun, outdoor-based adventure activities. Co Galway € 17,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Clifden Community Playschool To relocate the community playschool, which will allow the services to expand and to develop a new Forest Garden, which will be a first for children in Connemara. Co Galway € 18,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Cope Galway To run 'Helping Kids First' a programme that improves the lives of homeless children in emergency accommodation by supporting their health, education and social development needs. Co Galway Nationwide € 32,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Foodshare Kerry To establish 10 School Breakfast Club for more than 1000 children facing poverty in Kerry. Co Kerry € 7,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing South West Kerry Family Resource Centre To provide therapeutic services including trauma-based services to children and their families in rural parts of Kerry who have mental health difficulties or autism. Co Kerry € 15,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs Ballyspillane Community & Family Resource Centre To provide a dedicated space for sensory development and play & art therapies for 200 children in Kerry facing disadvantage, marginalisation and other challenges. Co Kerry € 43,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Kerry Diocesan Youth Service To provide a community access service with qualified staff to supervise access in a nurturing and safe environment Co Kerry Nationwide € 58,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Community Cancer Caregivers To ensure children across Ireland who have a parent undergoing active chemotherapy are getting the nutrition they need to thrive by providing meals to their home while their parent is undergoing cancer treatment. Co Kildare Nationwide € 7,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Athy Community Family Resource Centre To provide an affordable play therapy service to children and young people at risk of poverty to help them feel resilient and empowered. Co Kildare € 15,000.00

Impact: Addressing Essential Needs The Jack and Jill Children's Foundation To extend the number of homecare hours to 80 hours per month for children across Ireland with disabilities and life-limiting illnesses. Co Kildare Nationwide € 45,000.00


Impact: Health and Wellbeing Cystic Fibrosis Ireland To run the Cystic Fibrosis Ireland Exercise Grant Programme which provides financial assistance to children with Cystic Fibrosis and their parents, to support them to access more expensive physical fitness programmes which is an essential part of cystic fibrosis treatment. Co Kilkenny Nationwide € 15,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Midlands Science To create innovative and creative STEM and Climate Action workshops for a range of communities in the Midlands from disadvantaged areas. Co Laois Longford, Offaly and Westmeath € 11,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Mohill Family Support Centre To promote the holistic wellbeing of children and young people aged 4- 18 years in Leitrim with specific emphasis on children and young people living in Direct provision and Ukraine Co Leitrim West Cavan and Sligo, Longford, and Roscommon € 12,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing North West S.T.O.P. To create an art / play therapy room for children and young people which will allow for additional therapy sessions for more than 150 young people. Co Leitrim North West Region € 13,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Learning Hub Limerick To upgrade the Science Hub facilities at the Learning Hub to develop a brilliant makerspace for STEAM education that will benefit more than 3000 young people. Co Limerick Munster € 7,500.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Hospital Family Resource Centre To provide food assistance to more than 1000 children and families in poverty in Co Limerick and to provide wider services to support the families in the long term. Co Limerick € 8,500.00

Community: Creativity and Play Dóchas Midwest Autism Support To develop Art and Lego Play Therapies for more than 60 Children and Young People with Autism to reduce anxiety and build important personal skills. Co Limerick Mid West Region € 11,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Dyspraxia DCD Ireland To develop a free online video library and clinic for children with dyspraxia or other neurodiverse needs to empower young people to manage their own needs. Co Limerick € 14,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Southill Family Resource Centre To combat food and energy poverty for families on the southside of Limerick by providing vouchers to families facing poverty. Co Limerick € 17,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Children's Grief Organisation To provide additional grief support to more than 100 children dealing with grief from bereavement, parents separation or divorce. Co Limerick Nationwide € 18,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Irish Chamber Orchestra To sustain the Youth Orchestra that enables young people from disadvantaged areas to access music tuition and rehearsals in a safe social space. Co Limerick Co. Clare Co. Tipperary € 30,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing St. Gabriel's Foundation To run the Post Diagnosis Training Support Programme for families who need support and advice following a child's diagnosis of a disability. Co Limerick Munster € 47,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Limerick Youth Service To enhance the wellbeing, resilience and mental health of 600 marginalised and vulnerable young people aged 14-18 in rural Co Limerick. Co Limerick €50,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Longford Learning Support To grow intervention programmes for children at Primary and Secondary Level in Co Longford and the surrounding areas who are experiencing difficulties with their literacy and numeracy skills. Co Longford Westmeath, Roscommon and Leitrim €4,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Outcomers LGBT Support Service To design and develop a sensory space, with and for 400 LGBTQ+ young people in Louth and across the North East. Co Louth Across the North East € 7,500.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Connect Family Resource Centre To address child food poverty in Co Louth by providing food and practical skills for meal prep for those facing food poverty. Co Louth € 14,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Drogheda Women's and Children's Refuge Centre To employ an activity worker to provide wrap around support services for more than 100 disadvantaged children so they have a safe space to engage in programmes and extra curricula activities. Co Louth € 44,000.00


Community: Creativity and Play Foróige Connect To provide summer programmes in Mayo for 20 disadvantaged and marginalised young people that foster creativity, inclusion, and cognitive and social behaviours. Co Mayo € 4,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Claremorris Family Resource Centre To build the Claremorris Community Pantry to provide essential food items for more than 250 families in Claremorris facing poverty. Co Mayo € 6,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Teen-Turn Community Online- To deliver STEM and digital literacy education programmes to teen girls from disadvantaged areas across Ireland. Co Mayo Clare, Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Longford, Roscommon, Sligo, and Tipperary € 15,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Tacú Ballinrobe Family Resource Centre To run a social and creative empowerment programme for young people with mental health and wellbeing challenges to provide non-clinical, holistic support that leads to improved resilience and increase selfconfidence. Co Mayo Nationwide € 35,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing The Irish Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Children To grow Childline's Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Programme that will provide online therapy and mindfulness practices to more than 1000 children. Co Mayo € 50,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing NYPD Navan Young People's Development Project To provide therapeutic support and refreshing summer breaks to 22 children in Meath facing disadvantage. Co Meath € 5,000.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs Trim Family Resource Centre To run the Community Food Bank- helping to reduce food poverty and food waste in South Meath by supporting 250 children and young people with fresh nutritious food. Co Meath € 17,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Meath Women's Refuge & Support Services To run the 'Where I'm At’ programme that creates a welcoming and safe space for children affected by domestic violence coming into refuge so that they have the opportunity to engage with creative activities that enhance their wellbeing. Co Meath Cavan and Monaghan € 30,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Archways To run an anti-bullying programme to 10 DEIS Primary Schools to reduce bullying and victimisation, and to improve wellbeing and self-esteem of those being bullied. Co Meath Co Kildare € 42,500.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Meath Springboard Family Support Services CLG To provide timely and affordable therapies to more than 100 children who have additional psychological, emotional and behavioural needs. Co Meath € 58,000.00


Community: Creativity and Play Carrickmacross Toy Library To expand the toy collection at the Toy Library and to purchase additional items that will support children in Co Monaghan for their personal development. Co Monaghan Louth, Cavan and Meath € 4,500.00

Community: Addressing Essential Needs The Down Syndrome Centre North East To provide a comprehensive Early Intervention programme for 50 children with Down syndrome aged 0 – 6 years old, providing them with skills to give them the best chance in life. Co Monaghan North East Region €18,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Tullamore Community & family Resource Centre To provide vital play therapy supports and interventions for 50 children to build self confidence and self esteem. Co Offaly Westmeath € 5,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing Offaly Domestic Violence Support Service To provide Equine-Assisted Therapy to children who have experienced trauma from domestic violence and abuse. The Equine-Assisted Therapy will help 40 young people to manage stress and build self esteem to overcome their trauma. Co Offaly € 10,000.00


Community: Creativity and Play Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC To furnish and equip the Play Therapy Room at Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC to supporting children facing cancer in Co Roscommon and the surrounding areas. Co Roscommon Longford Meath Cavan Offaly € 4,000.00

Community: Health and Wellbeing The National Federation of Arch Clubs To run a programme of nature and wellbeing for the Junior Autism Arch to support the personal development for 600 young people with autism. Co Roscommon Louth Meath Cork Mayo € 5,000.00


Community: Creativity and Play Diversity Sligo To provide Pay Therapy for Children at the Globe House Direct Provision Centre to improve their wellbeing and support them to thrive in Sligo. Co Sligo € 13,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play West Sligo Family Resource Centre To provide creative programmes for personal growth, resilience, and wellness, for 250 children and refugees from Ukraine to foster problemsolving, teamwork and creative skills. Co Sligo € 20,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Tubbercurry Family and Childcare Resource Centre To provide an arts programme & opportunities for more than 150 children who are socially & economically disadvantaged which will enhance their personal & emotional development and enable them to overcome the challenges they face. Co Sligo Mayo € 24,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs Tipperary Rural Traveller Project To run the Family Learning Support Programme, which will enhance education support and general wellbeing of more than 80 Traveller children in the South Tipperary region. Co Tipperary € 11,000.00

Community: Creativity and Play Millennium Family Resource Centre To expand the play therapy service and run additional creative mindfulness programmes for 80 children in disadvantaged parts of Tipperary. Co Tipperary € 15,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Compass Child and Family Services To provide outdoor play and recreational facilities to vulnerable children and those who have faced trauma that allows them to have fun, express themselves and improves their wellbeing. Co Tipperary Munster € 45,000.00

Impact: Health and Wellbeing Barnardos To manage the Wellbeing Programme, which focuses on empowering vulnerable children and young people through wellbeing practices that build positive mental health. Co Tipperary Tipperary and Westmeath € 50,000.00


Impact: Creativity and Play Solas Cancer Support Centre To support up to 60 children impacted by a cancer diagnosis or bereaved due to a cancer diagnosis. Co Waterford Kilkenny, Wexford, Carlow, south Tipperary and east Cork. € 55,000.00


Community: Addressing Essential Needs New Horizon - Athlone Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support Group To run the New Horizon Summer School for young asylum seekers and refugees to help them prepare for second level education and have better opportunities for later in life. Co Westmeath € 12,000.00

Impact: Creativity and Play Helium arts 'Reducing Inequality for Teens Through Creativity’ is to increase the creativity and wellbeing of teenagers with physical health conditions so that brings joy, builds social connections and improves wellbeing. Co Westmeath Nationwide € 58,000.00


Impact: Creativity and Play The Crann Centre CLG To deliver a year-round programme of outdoor play, artistic pursuits, performances and fun for children and families living with neuro-physical disabilities in Ireland's first fully accessible playground and leisure space. Co Wexford Nationwide € 58,000.00


Community: Health and Wellbeing Accessible Community Transport Southside To run vital transport services in rural areas for children with physical disabilities so they can assess essential medical services, schools, universities, shops, friends, and community events. Co Wicklow Dublin and surrounding areas € 9,000.00

Northern Ireland Grants

Community Sensory Kids To provide the Creative Specialist Play Programme which supports vulnerable children and mums in their journey to transition through early years foundation stage. Antrim and Newtownabbey £10,000.00

Community Fresh Minds Education Ltd Fresh Little Minds: Sunrise - an evidenced innovative classroom based, resilience building and wellbeing programme delivered to 300 children across 6 schools in the Antrim area, improving their mental and emotional health. Antrim and Newtownabbey £10,000.00

Impact Extern Northern Ireland To support young refugee people living in Greater Belfast, by breaking down the barriers to accessing or sustaining education, whilst supporting them gain skills to prepare for employment or further training. Antrim and Newtownabbey £44,913.00

Community Circusful Come to life at the circus! To improve the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of disabled and care experienced children and young people through the wonder and colour of circus. Belfast £9,755.82

Community Fighting Words Northern Ireland Writing The Next Chapter: transforming a creative space for young NI writers. To create a new creative writing hub in East Belfast that provides children and young people facing disadvantage with free access to inspiring after-school creative writing activities, mentoring and tutoring. Belfast £9,756.38

Impact Newstart Education Centre To strengthening emotional wellbeing & educational attainment, through an early intervention programme that will improve the emotional and physical well-being of 30 young people aged 11-13yrs who are vulnerable and face complex challenges. Belfast £47,750.00

Impact Young Enterprise Northern Ireland To ensuring inclusion in enterprise education by adapting proven mainstream enterprise and education activities to ensure impact for young people with additional needs. Belfast £50,000.00

Impact Belfast & Lisburn Women's Aid Power Project: Supporting teens who have lived with domestic abuse, violence and trauma in the home to explore their experiences therapeutically and build resilience in order to thrive in their adolescence and adult years as well as future relationships. Belfast £34,186.00