In this week's episode of The Innovation Show, with host Aidan McCullen shine a light on the lack of gender balance in the workplace.

Bringing balanced thinking into the workplace means different thinking, in a world craving different thinking.

Representing 100% of your customers inevitably leads to innovation and breakthroughs, yet half the population is often underserved or misunderstood. 

In parallel, 60% of today’s global graduating classes female, yet they are entering workplaces designed for their fathers.

This is not a case of fairness, when 60% of the talent and 80% of the market is female, this is no longer a diversity dimension, it’s the future!

Avivah Wittenberg-Cox is CEO of the leading gender consultancy, 20-first, and a world authority on leadership, gender and business. 

Avivah suggests we stop Fixing the Women, and start adapting the workplace to 21st-century talent and markets. 

That’s where innovation lies. Right here, right now. Not on the other side of the world, or in Silicon Valley’s latest app. But sitting right there, on the other side of the kitchen table.

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