Hundreds of children and their families are arriving at Dublin's RDS for the annual Coolest Projects event. Organiser Louise Byrne told us what the key goal of the event is.

"The key goal is that everybody enjoys themselves, we see incredibly cool projects," Louise, the first full-time project manager of the event, told us.

"We have 17 different countries represented here today and we want to make sure that each of the kids goes and find new people and learns about all of the cool things that they're doing in these countries.

"RTÉ News Today presenter Gillian Steadman is our MC for the day at our Innovator Stage," Louise added: "We have Microsoft here with a huge Minecraft stand, which everybody is very excited about, we've loads of amazing stands to see."

What's next?
"We have great things planned in the future, how we build incubator programmes and blue sky thinking so that the projects that we see here today, how we can bring them to the nest step.