The Curiosity Series is a podcast series hosted by writer, comedian and podcaster Maeve Higgins, commissioned as part of the Arts Council's 70th anniversary celebrations.

Over the course of six episodes, you’ll hear artists involved in music, dance, poetry, literature, visual arts and theatre in conversation with Maeve as they get curious about each other’s work, explore the integral role that creativity has played in their lives, and discuss the broader issues and themes that connect their art.

In episode four, composer Jane O’Leary and painter Gwen O’Dowd, both members of Aosdána, join Maeve to delve deeper into the inspirations and motivations behind their art - listen above.

Get Curious: (L-R) Jane O Leary, Maeve Higgins and Gwen O Dowd

Both Jane and Gwen have found artistic inspiration in the power and beauty of the sea, and in this episode they speak to Maeve about how that inspiration has taken shape in their work and how it has brought them together for artistic collaborations at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast.

They discuss how colour and movement informs their artistic work, the role of the audience when making art, and how they access and express emotion in the creative process.

The Curiosity Series was commissioned as part of the Arts Council’s 70th anniversary programme, Arts Council at 70. Find out more here.