A comedy sketch show like no other lands on RTÉ2 this Thursday at 10.35 pm, with some of the biggest stars of online Irish comedy coming together to give us a giggle - watch the first episode here.

No Worries If Not! will see Sean Burke, Michael Fry, Justine Stafford, Emma Doran and Killian Sundermann bring some of their most famous characters to the mix as well as delivering a whole slew of unforgettable new sketches.

We caught up with stand-up comedian, actress and internet sensation Justine Stafford ahead of the show airing to find out how this ragtag crew came together.

"During the lockdown all five of us were putting stuff online that I think people really were so eager to see," she explains. "There were no live gigs, no comedy shows, and it was a welcome distraction from what was going on in the pandemic. It was around this time that the producers got in touch to see if we'd be interested in putting a project together."

With each of the comics going viral thanks to their various sketches, songs and characters lightening the mood of the nation throughout the various COVID-19 lockdowns, the group had found common ground online during some of the most unprecedented of times.

"It was one of the most surreal experiences to get to all meet in person and go through ideas. We hadn't got to meet in person for over a year and a half. It was just wonderful to be in a room full of, I think, some of the funniest people in Ireland and get to sit with them and come up with concepts of one off sketches as well as characters."

While the stand-up circuit can be a competitive market, with comedians vying for a spot to test their five minutes on a Friday night, the online community seems to be incredibly collaborative.

Earlier this year, comedian Tony Cantwell created GUTF (Get Up Ta F*), a morning magazine TV show featuring fellow online comics Shane Daniel Byrne, Michael Fry, Killian Sundermann, Justine Stafford, Emma Doran, Martin Angolo and Peter McGann.

"With Tony's YouTube series, that was so good because we all got to work on that together as well. We weren't going into this as if we had never worked together. We had some gigs and other things online, and it was so lovely during the pandemic where you would see other comics sharing your things and you'd share there videos.

"It was a really inclusive kind of environment and it was the exact same when we met in person. Everyone is making it a collaborative experience and trying to make the best thing as a group."

Like all of the creators, Justine had spent much of her career writing, filming, directing, editing and posting her videos alone, so while moving into the world of TV was an exciting time, it was also unnerving to have the final cut out of her control.

"To go into an experience where aspects aren't fully in your hands because there's a whole team involved, that was definitely a learning experience for all of us to go into. It was a great learning opportunity but it was surreal to not have to set up the camera and hit record and get into screen. To have a whole crew involved was so surreal."

Growing up on a steady stream of shows like Republic of Telly and The Savage Eye, Justine says seeing a show like No Worries If Not! land on RTÉ2 is extremely encouraging for up-and-coming comics.

"There are so many ways to find comedians now, it's not just the traditional formula anymore. You can be creating comedy in various different styles and on various different platforms, and to see that be given an opportunity on RTÉ is really encouraging."

"For us, you're always going to feel apprehensive about a first series and you want it to go down well. There were so many ideas and so many things we didn't get to make so we hope to get to a second season so we can get involved into the bigger ideas. We hope people enjoy it and are open to even more of it."

Watch No Worries If Not! on RTÉ2, Thursdays at 10.35 pm - watch now via RTÉ Player.