For Sunday Miscellany on RTÉ Radio 1: Denise Blake recalls the Bay City Rollers and other boybands of her teenage years - listen to Keep on Dancing above.

Bay City Rollers are coming to play in Letterkenny soon. Two things age me with that statement; firstly, the fact that I know who they are and consider their visit newsworthy, secondly that I don't have a hysterical tone when I make the statement.

1975 was the big year of Rollermania. I was 17 and had moved on slightly from the boyband adoration stage of my girlhood. Recently I asked a friend, who uses an image of the band as her profile picture, what was it about them? She says she was 12 at the time and they were her first love. She loved their music and energy and their whole tartan regalia made them wonderfully quirky. She had a tartan scarf, shirt and jumper and remembers crying in a shop in Carrigart when her mother wouldn’t buy her matching trousers. She reckons that Woody, Stuart Wood, was the gorgeous one...

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