RTÉ is delighted to offer a free lunchtime webinar on the art of storytelling, streamed live from RTÉ Culture at 12.30 pm on Monday, November 2nd - watch it below...

This webinar will be delivered by RTÉ's Liam O'Brien whose daily job over the last 15+ years - through RTÉ's Documentary On One and the recent global hit podcast, The Nobody Zone - is to craft and tell stories to audiences both in Ireland and around the globe.

Right now, the world is living through a series of stories that are likely to be told by generations of people, for generations of time. Covid-19, Climate Change, the U.S elections, Globalisation, Gender equality, the age of social media - the list goes on and on and on.

But how will we be told these stories? How will we tell these stories to each other? And how will these stories be passed on into the future? It's almost always through the smallest details, that the biggest stories can be told.

Story, and the art of storytelling, has been around for millennia. Aristotle (born in 384 B.C) was one of the first people to nail the elements needed in a good story. And over the past 2,000+ years, how to tell a story well, hasn't changed that much. 

As the appetite for stories grows exponentially, we're bombarded with story. Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, advertising. It seems everyone and everything now has a story to tell.

But what constitutes a great story? And what are the key ingredients needed?

The best stories are the ones that matter most to each of us. Small individual stories. We all have one - and we all are one. 

If you'd like to learn a little more about story, then we'll see you next Monday, November 2nd @ 12.30 pm here on RTÉ Culture...

If you want to up your storytelling skills, find out more about Audio Storytelling courses here.