Via Sunday Miscellany, on RTÉ Radio 1: Helen O'Rahilly salutes her alma mater - the former NIHE, now Dublin City University...

Unable to turn another page of quadratic equations, I consider quitting in week 3. But by mid-October I'd become intrigued by a black-clad, Doc Martin-ed, red-lipsticked gang. Their laughter and witty banter echoed around the canteen as the entire twelve hundred strong student body, it seemed, wolfed down chips and beans all around us. 

NIHE in the '90s

I eavesdropped on their conversations: "Saussure… blah blah blah… oh, but Lacan… but Berger’s the real deal… you’ve got to buy Benjamin". 

I didn’t know who they were talking about. I didn’t care. Who were these brash loudmouths on this stolid, science campus? "Oh they’re from Communication Studies… bunch of pretentious so-and-sos."

I longed to be a pretentious so-and-so. 

So I knocked on the door of the Dean of Communication Studies. What happened next changed my life…

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