Sara Baume was among the first guests on Writing on One, a new show dedicated to literature, which airs on Saturdays on RTÉ Radio 1 at 7pm - and you can listen back to her reading from her latest work, handiwork, here.  

On the show, listeners can enjoy festival-length readings by writers of their work, introduced by another writer.

handiwork has been already described as appealing to fans of Maggie Nelson, Rebecca Solnit and John Berger. Sara's reading for Writing on One is introduced by poet Afric McGlinchey.

The new book quietly weighs up what it is to be an artist, as Sara brings us into her home, which she shares with her partner, Mark. She introduces us to various workstations she has created around the house and at which she routinely writes and makes art.

She also shares with us ideas around making - from art to arts and crafts – as she acknowledges figures from William Morris to John Ruskin and Richard Sennett, who have written on ideas which surface through her new book.

This is also a book relating to grief as Baume contemplates the recent loss of her father and of her consideration of the DNA she has inherited, just as various birds who she references are marked by the ways of their species.

handiwork and other books by Sara Baume are published by Tramp Press.

Afric McGlinchey has published two poetry collections with Salmon Poetry and a chapbook with SurVision. Her fictional memoir will be published by Broken Sleep Books in 2021.