In this week's edition of the 'cabaret of conversations', host Panti Bliss is joined by artists who have found freedom in their art and work and those who have a sense of understanding Maya Angelou’s expression ‘I know why the caged bird sings’ - listen to the episode above.

Meet visual artist Mary Duffy, who is a thalidomide survivor and paints, and gardens, with her feet. Her work is beautiful, evocative and life-affirming, capturing the colours and the coastal landscape of where she lives. 

Listen: Thalidomide survivor Mary Duffy on why the label doesn't define her or her life

With her in studio is Steo Wall, a man who has known the confines of a cage and has found his voice through music and song. Steo sings his song Borstal Boy which draws on his own life story.

Watch: Steo Wall sings Borstal Boy

Mary and Steo are also joined by Afro-Irish singer and musician Caleb Kunle and traveller activist, advocate and academic Dr Sindy Joyce.

Watch: Caleb Kunle sings Beautiful

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