Hi. My name is Rick. I'm an RTÉ Broadcaster and the guy who runs The Rick O'Shea Book Club - Ireland's biggest Book Club.

I don't have to tell you that we're in the middle of an unparalleled homelessness crisis in this country, so this year I thought we'd try and use the power of my Book Club (22,000 members at last count) to raise funds for one of the charities at the coalface.

I'm asking that if you have gotten any enjoyment over the years out of the ROSBC, come to any of our events, or just appreciate the daily (and entirely unpaid!) work that goes in to it 365 days a year by Liz, Amanda and myself, please consider donating the price of a cheap paperback book - €5.

Just one book.

If you don't have that to spare any amount is great, if you feel like you'd like to donate more then that would be brilliant as well. If you are a company or in a position to do so then please give generously. It could change the life of someone who, right now, literally has nothing and nowhere to go.

If you're not a member of the book club but you're just someone who listens to me on the radio or follows me on Twitter and want to contribute as well that would be amazing.

If every one of our members donated €5 we'd raise over 100 grand to help alleviate homelessness. I know that won't happen, I'm a realist, but if even 1,000 of our members donated we'd reach our target of €5,000.


I started it on Tuesday hoping to raise 5 grand for them before the appeal finished on Dec 31st - we broke that in the first 36 hours.

I then raised the bar to ten grand and, as of now, we're at 7,250. I'm going to keep pushing.

Make a contribution to The The Rick O'Shea Book Club Xmas Appeal here.